EC Storage

We keep your data secure, flexible and accessible


EC Storage is an economic and secure data storage solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Managing data is one of the key challenges facing businesses today. Business data is projected to grow exponentially over the next few years and businesses need an easy way to store and access that data in a secure way.

EC Storage data is hosted in three strategically located data centers in Iceland and your data is always accessible, even if one of the data centers goes offline.

EC Storage is ideal for businesses that need to access data on a moments notice from anywhere. For example:  

  • Fits perfectly for large data sets
  • Handles large volume storage 
  • Scales with your needs (up and down)
  • Supports up to +80% of data operation
  • Supports a rich set of protocols
  • Files and object storage, archiving, video, CDN, backup repository.
  • No upfront investment – payed monthly for used capacity
  • Operational ease of mind
  • Better usages of all resources
  • No future forklift upgrades needed
  • Less worries about regulatory compliance
  • Low latency and quality service locally
  • Value added services on top of core solution
  • Disaster recovery, EFFS, Compliant archiving, Bandwidth optimization services

Main features:

  • Highly resilient – Located in 3x Data centers, all data is synced between the DC´s
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and services
  • Fits perfectly for example: 
    • HPC archives
    • Compliance archives
    • CCTV archives
  • Supports a wide variety of protocols: NFS, SMB (CIFS) Linux FS, REST, S3, CDMI, Open stack,
  • Benefits of hosting the data locally:
    • No extra charge for bandwidth cost
    • No extra cost for data transaction 
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