Privacy Policy

ENDOR welcomes the new Privacy Policy (GDPR), which came into effect on July 15, 2018, with the Data Protection and the Processing of Personal Data Act, no. 90/2018.

ENDOR Privacy Policy is as follows:


  • ENDOR emphasizes on safety of data Protection and processing of personal data of its employees, customers and suppliers.
  • ENDOR emphasizes that processing of all personal data is complied with and in accordance with the laws and regulations on privacy and personal data processing (the Privacy Act).
  • ENDOR emphasizes that processing of personally identifiable information is limited to the extent that it is possible to provide the services that Endor is required to provide.
  • ENDOR emphasizes on responsible processing of information regarding employees, customers, suppliers and that such processing is carried out in a responsible, safe and legal manner.
  • ENDOR emphasizes that all information about employees, customers and suppliers is solely for the purpose of providing them with the services they are entitled to.
  • ENDOR emphasizes and ensures that appropriate technical and organizational security measures are taken to ensure data security.


Personal Information

ENDOR collects or processes personal information, either as a Controller or Processor.

ENDOR collects personal data about its customers only for the following purposes;

  1. to ensure and to be able to work according to agreements with customers and to provide access to goods and services.
  2. For marketing purposes.
  3. To ensure that the service meets the needs of each customer.


To only use personal data for legitimate purposes.

ENDOR never shares private data except with a consent. When sharing private data with third parties for legitimate purposes, e.g. due to technical maintenance or payment service obligations, the processing of such information is limited to the service to be provided. Data must then be deleted after processing.

The right of the registered

ENDOR seeks to ensure the rights of a each personal data subject. This means, among other things, the right of individuals to correct or change its personal information, obtain a copy of the information registered with the Company and have information deleted. In some cases, the Company may not be entitled to a request for the destruction of personal information, e.g. when legal requirements provide for the registration of personal data.

Further information on the matter can be obtained by contacting ENDOR at

Statistical summaries

ENDOR reserves the right to disclose non-identifiable statistical summaries and other information that without any doubt are non-identifiable and use them in the company’s work, for example for the annual report of ENDOR and newsletters.


On the ENDOR website (website and other social media platforms), the company may collect technical information about use, e.g. the type of browser which websites users visit to the site, the total time spent by the users on the web, etc. This kind of information is used solely to improve the user experience of the service, e.g. by improving the design of the service or informing users of potential technical problems in their equipment. No private data (personal information) is collected with such processing.

Information for 3rdparty

ENDOR does not supply, sell or rent personal data of employees, customers and suppliers to third parties unless the company is required by law or upon written authorization. 


ENDOR´S accounting data is stored in accordance with the privacy requirements and accounting records. The storage of such data is fully in accordance with the legal requirements.

Limitation of Liability

To the extent permitted by applicable law, ENDOR is not liable for any damages that may arise as a result of the use or delivery of the Service, except if such incidents may be attributed to gross negligence or misappropriation by ENDOR.

ENDOR is not responsible for any delays that may occur in the service or because the service does not work as a result of force majeure.

Law and jurisdiction

This privacy policy is governed by Icelandic law. Disputes that may arise or in connection with the privacy policy can be resolved before the District Court of Reykjavík, if such dispute cannot be resolved otherwise.

ENDOR reserves the right to change and update this Privacy Policy at any time. All such changes will be published on ENDOR website.

Contact Information

If you request further information regarding ENDOR privacy policy, please contact ENDOR at

Trust and reliability are ENDOR motto, and the company emphasize great importance to ensuring the safety in processing all private data and personally information of its employees, customers and suppliers.   

Adopted by the Board of ENDOR in June 2018. 

See also Data Processing Addendum, included in all of Endor´s Service Agreements.


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